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Monday, 2019-07-22, 9:16 AM
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Pinoy Stock Image Solution is an image library from which you can find varieties of images that you can use for your business or personal need,(advertising or marketing use). Its pre-conceptualized so it will be easy for you to use.
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By using stock images, clients can save a lot of time, efforts and money. Because stock images are less expensive rather than hiring a photographer to work on your desire images for your advertising and marketing use. (and as of the moment hiring photographer is expensive) In addition to that you can download low resolution images and test it to your layout, if that particular image that you try are suitable to your concept that is the time you buy the images, If that doesn’t work, then you don’t buy it. One more great thing in using Stock Images is that, by looking at the images in the image libraries, art directors can get a better idea of what will work for their projects.

Image library is a database contains a wide variety of images which simplify the task of finding what images you need. In many cases image libraries are of better quality rather than images shoot on assignment, due in part of rigorous editing procedures. 

Web sites,  Multimedia presentations , Displays for trade shows , Billboards/banners ,  Packaging/labels , film interior design, graphic design, calendars, book publishing, magazines, news papers, Broadcast video , On business letterhead , Brochures , Business cards , Office decoration ,  Decoration for restaurants , Public areas , Decoration in stores , Post Cards, Business lift lets, and many other like for government or private use.

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